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Fireworks Booth a Big Boom for FCS Athletics!

July 07, 2017
By Faith Christian School

Our TNT Fireworks Fundraiser located on our secondary campus from June 30 - July 4 was able to raise $5,000 for Faith Christian Athletics!  Each day an FCHS varsity coach coordinated volunteers to work in the booth and help raise funds to be used by their team and the program.  

FCS Athletic Director, Rob Rerucha, extends a huge "THANK YOU" to every coach, parent, friend, family member and also everyone who came and purchased fireworks!  This fundraiser is definitely a team effort and we appreciate everyone who was involved.  Your time, dedication and donations have helped our school purchase new uniforms and equipment!

Please join us in applauding the following teams and coaches:

Baseball: Brett Meyer
Boys' Basketball: Rick Daugherty and Derek Morrison
Girls' Basketball: Coach Hutch
Cheer: Brandi Pond
Volleyball: Stephanie Crets and Jennifer Rood

Elementary Achievements Honored

June 13, 2017
By Faith Christian School

On June 1, 2017, our last day of school, awards were presented to our elementary students in a special presentation during the day and also at our elementary year end program that evening.

Students were recognized individually for Christian character, citizenship, Bible memorization, honor roll, perfect attendance, most improvement, penmanship and spelling.

Perfect Attendance: Elise, Ella H., Ewan, Drew, Hannah, Corbin, Kiana, Makinzee, Alexis, Brody and JIn

Most improved: Rylee, Brett, Blake M., Avaline, Miranda, Kaylee W., Ashley C., Nolyn and Joshua K.

Top Notch Awards: 5th grade - David C., Chance, Emma E., Naomi, Sophia, Alec, Alexis; 6th grade - Ethan, Joshua K., Brooklynn, Jin, Morgan, Maximus, Jack, Grace, Mavis

4.0 Medals

To earn this award, 4th - 6th grade student must maintain a 4.0 GPA for the entire school year.  The first year a student achieves this honor they receive a bronze medal, the second year, a sliver medal and the third year, a gold medal.

Congratulations to these medal recipients:  Bronze: Emily, Torrance; Silver: Alec, Allison, Mia, Sophia; Gold: Brody, Jin, Brooke, Tessa, Isabella, Grace

President’s Education Award

To earn this award, students must have made the “A” Honor Roll for the last 3 years (3.5 GPA or higher) and must be in the 85% or higher (national average) on Achievement Testing in either math or reading.

Congratulations Brody, Tessa, Isabella, Jin, Desirae and Grace!

California State Honor Awards

4th - 6th Grade students who have maintained a “B” average for the entire year received a certificate of recognition for academic excellence from California Assemblyman James Gallagher. Students with an “A” average for the entire year received a certificate of recognition from California Senator Jim Nielson.

"B" Honors
4th grade: Ashley C., Alvin, Varynia, Jason, Gavin, Micah, Elaine, Micah
5th grade: Emma E., Naomi H., Kylee Q., Tangi
6th grade: Ethan, Audrey, Daniel, Morgan, Alaina, Jack, Mavis
"A" Honors
4th grade: Zaina, Elka, Naomi C., John, Emily, Torrance, Daniel S., Shayla, Emily T., Sophia V. 
5th grade: Izabel, Allison, David C., Mia, Sophia, Sophia K., Shawn, Makinzee, Alec, Alexis, Eric
6th grade: Isabella B., Robert, Brody, Tessa, Mackenzie, Piersonn, Brooklynn, Jin, Maximus, Isabella M., Desirae, Grace, Bethany, Landon


Faculty and Staff Honored for Faithful Service

June 12, 2017
By Faith Christian School

As our school year came to an end, we honored our faculty and staff for their faithful service and commitment to the ministry of Faith Christian School with the following Distinguished Service Awards:

5 year recognition: Floyd Crist, Jennifer Payne

15 year recognition: Lonny Gorton, Dan Wickline

30 year recognition: Joy Elliott

40 year recognition: Bill Hannold

66 years of combined service:  Steve and Paula Finlay

Dan Wickline and Lonny Gorton receive their awards at the 2017 Elementary Year End Program


Steve and Paula Finlay are retiring after 66 combined years of service to Faith Christian School.  We honored their wishes of not having a retirement party but many of you joined us in thanking them for their ministry to our school family by sending notes of appreciation.  The School Board publicly acknowledged their years of service at the FCHS Commencement Ceremony on Friday, June 2 where we had the privilege of Paula and Steve both delivering the commencement address.

In their honor, the main hallway of of the secondary campus has been named "Finlay Hall".  FCS Board Member, Matt Davis, presented the sign that will be placed in the building as Superintendent, Bill Hannold, made the surprise announcement.

To all of the words of appreciation the Finlays wrote this response:

Dear Faith Christian Family;
We want to thank you so very much for the many expressions of love and congratulations concerning our retirement.  Words cannot express the wonderful way you have all made us feel.  We look forward to Faith Christian going to new heights in the coming years, and we will always be Lions at heart.
God bless you all!
Steve & Paula Finlay



Junior High Graduation 2017

June 09, 2017
By Faith Christian School
On Saturday, June 3, 2017, family and friends gathered at the First United Methodist Church of Yuba City sanctuary to honor and celebrate our Faith Christian 8th Grade graduates.
The event was streamed live through our FCS YouTube channel and is available to be enjoyed for years to come. 

The slideshow of pictures that began the graduation ceremony has been added to our YouTube channel as well.

The following awards were presented during the ceremony:
Alumni Parent Recognition 
Colby Brown (Tiffany Brown ’02)
Eli Carlos (Tony Carlos ’94)
Abigail Kennedy (Jennifer Reynolds Kennedy ’97)
K-8 recognition 
John Bicknell
Colby Brown
Eli Carlos
Emma Cook
Abigail Kennedy
Kyla Rood
Zoe Swann
David Villasenor
Daniel Wickline
California Junior Scholastic Federation
Kaitlyn Friemark
Emme Hurn
Zoe Swann
Benjamin Tonn
Daniel Wickline
Departmental Awards
Art: Travis Meyer
Boys’ Athletics/PE: John Bicknell
Girls’ Athletics/PE: Emma Cook
Bible: Kaitlyn Friemark
Computer Studies: Michael Cayaba
Drama: Zoe Swann
English: Trinity Head
History: Charles Robinson
Mathematics: Zac Steele
Music: Daniel Wickline
Science: Benjamin Tonn
Christian Character Awards
Benjamin Tonn and Kaitlyn Friemark

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