New Secondary Principal: Mr. Shannon Smith

May 25, 2017
By Bill Hannold, Superintendent

This letter was sent to Faith Christian parents.

Dear FCS Parents & Students,

After considering several applicants from all over the country, the Faith Christian School Board is pleased to officially announce the hiring of the new Principal for our secondary (7-12) campus. Mr. Shannon Smith will be assuming his administrative role beginning July 1, 2017. The school board felt unanimous confirmation that Mr. Smith is God’s person for FCS at this time and we have great anticipation for how God is going to bless FCS through his leadership in the days ahead.

Mr. Smith has both Christian School and public school experience and comes highly recommended as a dynamic servant leader. He and his wife, Robyn, plan to move to Yuba City from Oklahoma in June. I am including a note from the Smiths with this letter expressing their excitement about joining the FCS ministry team.


Words can’t express how excited my wife and I are to be taking on a new adventure in moving to Yuba City, California to further our ministry. I am looking forward to learning from you and with you in the next school year. I have heard great things about the culture and caring attitude that exists at Faith Christian School.

Being a servant leader is my passion. As I get to know each and every one of you my hope is that we can work together to build on the strong foundation that currently exists.

My teaching, coaching, and administrating career has provided opportunities for me that included Discipline Committee Chair, Mentor Teacher, Department Head, Head and Assistant coaching, Faculty Representative and Lead Chaperone for multiple study and mission trips to Washington D.C., the Dominican Republic and London, England.

I hope everyone has a great end of the semester and a restful summer break. I am excited to get started in the 2017-18 school year.

In His name,

Mr. Shannon Smith

As you have opportunity, please make them feel welcome and pray for them in the transition.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bill Hannold, Superintendent

2017 Senior Projects: Personal, Passionate and Powerful

May 12, 2017
By Faith Christian School

On Monday, May 8, 2017 five Faith Christian High School senior project finalists presented topics of their choice to a panel of adjudicators, family, friends and the community.  The panel praised our students for their depth of research and passion for their topics.  It was very evident to everyone in the audience that the students selected issues that were personally important, and in their humble vulnerability and expertly delivered analysis, were able to have a powerful impact.

The FCHS Senior Project is a requirement for graduation and consists of months of researching and writing an 8-12 page position paper and oral presentation on any topic of interest to the student, on which the student takes a strong position using logic and persuasive argument.

 Paul DeMeritt, Senior English instructor and Senior Project Co-coordinator at Faith Christian explains: “I love the Senior Project requirement; and while I know most of the kids wouldn’t say they love it, I know they see its value as part of our curriculum. Our kids invariably come back from their freshman year at college with glowing testimonies of how the Senior Project truly prepared them to excel at the college and university level - and in business, career and ministry as well!”

Our five finalists this year truly showed that they are well prepared for continuing higher education and we have no doubt that they will continue to champion their selected causes and bring further awareness to their topics.  Below is a synopsis of each presentation and the video recording from the evening which are available on our FCS YouTube channel.

Brenna Campbell shares how different forms of media can have a negative effect on body image and therefore commonly lead to eating disorders.  She elaborates that with the continuing advancement of social media, cyberbullying and "body shaming" have added to the problem.

Danielle Daundivier courageously shares from her own experience how devastating depression can be and the importance of seeking help.  Daundivier  who is "constantly battling" depression herself, pointed out that 1 in 5 teens will develop depression before adulthood and that every 100 minutes a teen successfully takes their own life.

Driven by the discrimination Amaris Shettlesworth has seen against her younger siblings, she recounts her research on the history of racism in America and gives a hopeful outlook and steps that we can take to help this problem in our community.

"Understanding Autism - The Fastest Growing Disability in the World"  Rachelle Calabrese, inspired by the experience of her younger sister with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), hopes to help  open others' eyes to the fact that Autism is not an identity. 
 Calabrese states that, "understanding tics, stims and other behaviors of autistic individuals is the first step to acceptance."

In her presentation titled, 'Siren of the Heart', Hailey Warta spreads much needed awareness on the reality of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a devastating occupational hazard of being a First Responder.  Warta draws on her own experience as a daughter of a Fire Captain who has suffered the symptoms of PTSD due to his experiences serving the Yuba-Sutter community.  Her personal insight, passion for the topic, and expertly presented research brought the community audience to their feet in applause and gratitude.

High School Student Spotlight

April 28, 2017
By Steve Finlay, Secondary Principal

FCHS student body president Isabella Malan was presented with the "Good Citizen" award by the Feather River Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The award recognizes dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Pictured (bottom right) is Isabella receiving the award from chapter chairperson Diane Reimers.

Congratulations to FCHS junior Mitchell Twu (pictured bottom left) for his outstanding scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Mitchell’s score on the PSAT was in the top 3% of the 1.5 million students who take the test. He scored in the 99th percentile on both the English and mathematics portions of the test. The PSAT is used as the qualifying data for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. The winners of that scholarship will be announced in the fall.

Mitchell then followed up the PSAT with a score of 1540 (1600 is perfect) on the SAT. This also puts him at the 99th percentile. Great job!

Nolan Gobel (pictured top) was recently interviewed by representatives from the American Legion and was chosen to participate in Boys State at California State University, Sacramento this summer!  Nolan is currently a junior at Faith Christian.

American Legion Boys State is among the most respected educational programs of government instruction for high school students. Each participant becomes a part of the operation of his local, county and state government.  Boys State has been a program of The American Legion since 1935.

At American Legion Boys State, participants are exposed to the rights and privileges, the duties and the responsibilities of a franchised citizen. The training is objective and practical with city, county and state governments operated by the students elected to the various offices. Activities include legislative sessions, court proceedings, law enforcement presentations, assemblies, bands, chorus and recreational programs.


FCS Elementary Scholars Soar this Spring!

April 21, 2017
By Debbie Jewell, Elementary Secretary

Faith Christian School is proud to be a part of ACSI – The Association of Christian Schools International.  ACSI membership connects Christian Schools all over the globe by providing tools, services and professional development opportunities each designed to strengthen schools.

A benefit of ACSI membership is the opportunity to participate in ACSI Student Activities   These activities enhance learning beyond the classroom by challenging students toward God-honoring applications of their leadership skills, fine art talents, and academic abilities.

At the elementary level, Faith Christian participates in three ACSI Student Activities: Spelling Bee, Math Olympics and Speech Meet.

2017 FCS Elementary Spelling Bee Finalists Grades 1-6


Elementary spelling bees are divided into two levels.  Our 5th and 6th graders traveled to Vallejo to participate in the Upper Elementary Spelling Bee.  A Lower Elementary Spelling Bee was hosted right here at Faith Christian School for grades 1-4.  Six other schools joined us and we had 80 students compete in the four bees.  Ribbons are given to the top four students in each grade level.

FCS 2017 Math Olympians Grades 3-8


For Math Olympics, twenty-four students from Faith Christian Elementary and twelve from junior high joined over a hundred other students at Forest Lake Christian School in Auburn.  Each student participates in either computation or reasoning, competing with 20 other students in their grade level section.  Ribbons are given to the top five students in each section.

2017 Faith Christian Elementary Speech Meet Finalists  Grades 3-6


This year Faith Christian students will be joining several other schools in Vacaville for the Elementary Speech Meet.  Speech Meet categories include: Bible Memorization, Poetry, Fable and Folklore, Patriotic Oration and Dramatic Bible Prose. Ribbons are awarded based on each student’s performance: Superior, Excellent, Good.

Additional student benefits and outcomes for participating in these ACSI Events are as follows:
  • Provides incentives for students to develop skills necessary for Christian leadership
  • Facilitates students’ learning process
  • Helps develop the skills to be an effective communicator
  • Provides a gauge to determine how effectively each school has prepared students in these activities
  • Provides a degree of competition to develop participants’ composure and confidence
  • Provides for a time of fun and fellowship with other Christian young people

Two Faith Christian Elementary students were the champion spellers for their grade level: Lauren, 3rd grade and Alexis, 5th grade.  Great job ladies!


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