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Lion Achievement Award

Wendy Goforth 2018 Recipient

It has become a tradition for Faith Christian School to honor distinguished alumni through the Lion Achievement Award.  As these alums are recognized, our entire FCS community receives inspiration and encouragement hearing their stories and realizing the impact they’re having throughout the world.  See past recipients.  Awards are given on even years.  Our next ceremony will occur in Spring of 2020.

Criteria for Lion Achievement Awards:

  • Significant impact on the lives of others
  • A strong Christian testimony
  • Graduated from FCHS, 10 years or more from time of recommendation
  • Outstanding accomplishments in the area of business, civil service, military, education, ministry, or the arts


Anyone may submit a Faith Christian School alum for Lion Achievement Award consideration, provided the above critera has been met.  To do so, please fill out the online form or send a letter to our office addressing the above criteria. Submissions are compiled by January 15th, recipients are chosen by a committee and the awards are given during a school spring event.

  • Please do not tell the alum or any of their family members about the recommendation.
  • If you can discreetly obtain a resume without the alum's knowledge, please include it.
  • If you can tell us two other people who know the alum well, please do.
  • We are able to conduct some research to obtain additional information, but the more information you can provide, the stronger the recommendation.


Click here to submit an alumnus for consideration.