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Celebrating the Drama, and Laughing All the Way

November 18, 2019
By Mrs. Kjerstin Ciociola, Drama Teacher

On the first day of class, I asked my students one question: “What is your favorite memory in a play or production?” One by one, they told stories about shows that went awry - misspoken lines, costume malfunctions, and technical mishaps. 

I began hunting down a play that would celebrate the truth all actors everywhere know—the true “drama” is not the polished production the audience comes to see, but rather the process of putting the production together.  There—now that is drama!

“Our Miss Brooks” began as a radio broadcast in the 1940s, and as household televisions grew in popularity, it became one of the first comedy sitcom hits.  In this play, Miss Brooks’ attempt to direct a “simple” school play, while navigating romance, jealous rivals, and an overbearing boss, turns disastrous quickly.  As she attempts to untangle herself from the misunderstandings and calamities, she might just find that the miracles she was looking for happened— not in the perfectly executed play—but in the messy process.

We were not exempt from unforeseen obstacles, but the FCS players experienced miraculous surprises!  A lead role unexpectedly vacated, was filled by an actor two states away who played the role in High School.  Sallee McCleskey, Michelle Baker, and Jeannine Friemark created “Cherry on Top Soda Shop” complete with FCS “Soda Jerks” and retro wear!  Mat and Shellee Coggins baked 20 unforgettable pies that had people lining up an hour before show time! 

So many parent volunteers stepped up to help with costumes, promotions and even feeding our cast!  (Thank you, Stephanie Helms!)

Laughing audiences packed out the house for three nights and widely praised the production never knowing that almost 70% of our cast and crew were brand new to the drama scene.  It will be our little secret. 

Stay tuned for more FCS Players information regarding upcoming events and performances!

A full photo collection of the show is available to purchase from the Yearbook team in the FCHS office!

Special Visitors Teach Fire Safety

November 05, 2019
By Mrs. Sheree Morrison, Kindergarten Teacher

We had Captain Eric England (Cruz’s uncle), firefighter Nick, and engineer Cameron come talk to our kindergarten class about fire safety.

They told us the very important number to call in case of an emergency...911...and the importance of knowing our address to help dispatch.  They reminded us to place smoke detectors in our bedrooms, to sleep with our doors closed, and that if we hear the alarm or smell smoke to stay low and get out quickly. We should know two exits and where we are meeting our family once we are out.  We also practiced how to stop, drop, and roll in case our clothes catch on fire.

Thank you Yuba City Fire Department for keeping our community safe and for coming to our classroom!

Science Camp Brings Students Closer to our Creator

October 18, 2019
By Faith Christian School

At Sixth Grade Science Camp, students were lead by Genesis Account teachers to increase their knowledge of the Creator and His handiwork through directly observing and exploring the outdoors at Diamond Arrow in Nevada City.

Natural Science and Environmental Education classes were taught from a stewardship perspective and were full of hands-on fun!  

During rec time we got to enjoy our surroundings by swimming in the Yuba River, soaring on the zipline through the evergreens, hiking to gorgeous vistas and trying new skills like archery!

Parent and high school counselors assisted in our activities and times of Bible study and devotionals.  We gathered for chapel each evening and learned how to become fully Rooted in Christ and help our Faith grow.


Junior High Retreat: More than Horsin' Around!

October 01, 2019
By Mrs. Steffany Ritchie, Junior High Advisor

This year we brought in several new activities, as well as the traditional student favorites to make for a great time for all!  Students enjoyed paint-ball team games, geocaching, working with horses, high-ropes and flashlight tag.  In addition, we had smores around the campfire as we closed out our night of fun. 

The spiritual aspect of the camp was focused on Romans, what the students are studying in Bible this year, Mrs. DeMeritt and Mrs. Ritchie used an interactive approach to each session as students learned and shared about becoming a “living sacrifice” to God and how to find our identity and uniqueness in Christ.

The food is always fabulous and the students enjoyed frozen goodies like smoothies and caffeine free Frappuccino’s from the bistro as they spent some free time between activities and sessions.

The last session before heading home gave each student the opportunity to make a proclamation on a banner, showing their commitment to work on their spiritual gifts and becoming spiritual sacrifices to the Lord.

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