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College Goals and Deadlines - How to Meet Both this Fall!

October 03, 2017
By Jennifer Payne, FCS Academic Advisor

October is here, and for our seniors, that means they are juggling college applications, essays, scholarship apps, senior project preparation, and, oh yeah, all the obligations of their last year of high school classes! I'm so proud of these students!

Beginning in late August, I met with each of our seniors to determine the steps we needed to take toward their goals. Both juniors and seniors have been taking PSAT/SAT/ACT exams, attending meetings we've arranged with college reps on campus, and visiting schools that they are interested in. This process will continue into the winter. New this year, students have the opportunity to attend Appy Hour every Tuesday morning at 7am for donuts and application/essay work. It has proven effective for them to be able to hear others ask questions and find answers. The seniors that have been attending are getting close to having applications complete and are beginning to send me their personal statements for proofreading and revision suggestions. Both the CSU application and the FAFSA opened October 1st. The UC application is due November 30th. 

 I will begin meeting with juniors in November to help them align their path with their college goals and aspirations. They are already on course for great success! Sophomores and freshman are next, and by the end of the year, my goal is to meet with every high school and junior high student on campus. I do love my job! Meeting one on one with students to discuss their goals and dreams is a wonderful blessing in my life!

Seniors should currently be diligent about checking application due dates, scholarship application due dates, and checking in with me frequently about transcript requests and essay proofreading. They each have a task sheet that we created that they should be following closely! 

Juniors should currently be logging their service hours, touring potential colleges, and taking the PSAT and practice ACT. They should be considering taking the SAT and ACT in the spring and should be working diligently to have high report card marks for junior year. These are the most current marks that colleges will see when applications are submitted in the fall of senior year.

Most importantly, enjoy your time at school! GPA and ranking is important, test scores are important, but the best thing you can do to prepare yourself for college is to love the life you’re living and give and receive joy. Spend time in conversation and prayer with your family, spend time really thinking about what would make you happy! Getting stressed over the requirements and process of college isn’t necessary. God will lead you exactly where you are intended to be, and you have help!  We are here for you every step of the way!