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Professional musical instruction is available for Grades 4-12 and is included in tuition, there are no additional fees.  

Participation in the Arts is very beneficial as a whole and there even more advantages from playing a musical instrument

Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument:

1.  Increases memory capacity 

2. Boosts your team skills

3. Refines time management and organizational skills

4. Teaches you perseverance

5. Enhances coordination

6. Betters your math ability

7. Improves reading and comprehension skills

8. Increases responsibility

9. Sharpens concentration

10. Exposes you to cultural history

11. Fosters self-expression and relieves stress

12. Creates a sense of achievement

13. Promotes social skills

14. Boosts listening skills

15. Teaches discipline

16. Elevates performance skills and reduces stage fright

17. Enhances respiratory system

18. Promotes happiness within you and in others

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