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Case for Christian Education

Christian Education is an investment with great value and eternal benefits - from that perspective, priceless.

Why should you choose a private Christian education for your child?


Christian school graduates are twice as likely to graduate from college, and a 4-year college diploma makes a big difference in salary expectations for their future.  Only 4% of college graduates needed government assistance in 2012 compare to 40% of high school graduates.


Christian schools are uniquely able to teach life-changing character traits such as self-control, optimism, gratitude, enthusiasm, curiosity and perseverance.  These traits prepare our student for a life of happiness and success that every parent wants for their child.

Community and Church

Christian school graduates are the elders, leaders, pastors, missionaries, teachers, and volunteers in the churches and communities of the future.  They are the glue that holds communities and churches together.


Christian schools act as an equalizing agent for students born into poverty or to single parent households.  Studies prove that achievement gaps that tend to appear due to these factors as well as race disappear in Christian schools.


Perhaps the most important and valuable benefit of a Christian school education is an eternal one.  Sixty to seventy percent of students leave their faith after graduating college.  The only exceptions are students who graduate from Protestant Christian schools where the statistics are flipped with sixty to seventy percent remaining devoted to their faith.  This has eternal consequences for our precious children.

Here some of our personal success stories for Faith Christian School.