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Elementary Chapel
Every Friday of the school year 
Grades K-3 8:40-9:10  and Grades 4-6 9:20-9:50

You are welcome to come worship with us!

Students don’t sit passively in the service, but participate by leading pledges, taking offering, and helping with song motions. Every spring, 5th graders act out the story of Esther for the other students.

Pastors, children’s ministry directors and missionaries are among those invited to speak to the students during chapel, coordinated by the office.  If you would like to speak in chapel, please contact elementary secretary, Debbie Jewell.  Our students enjoy having their pastor in our chapel services!

We train our students to be givers - each month the focus of the chapel offering is a different local ministry, such as the FCS Mexico mission trip, Craftsmen for Christ, A Woman's Friend and the local Twin Cities Rescue Mission.


Secondary Chapel

Family is invited - come worship with us!  Thursday 11:10- 11:50 am

At the secondary chapel service each Thursday, you’ll notice the students also taking an active role. Here the chapel program is under the direction of our High School Chaplain, Rick Daugherty. Rick works with the Student Chaplain to plan and implement the chapel program. This year our Student Chaplain is Trinity Head.

The Student Chaplain gathers a team of fellow students to form a worship band to lead the student body. There are so many students who want to be a part of the worship team that a rotating schedule is used to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to serve. What a blessing to see students develop and share their various talents and skills as they learn how to lead in worship!

Students are also encouraged to participate by sharing personal testimonies, mission experiences or scripture readings. Mr. Daugherty organizes speakers for each week who include area pastors, youth ministers and teachers from our own faculty.

The week after Spring Break each year is designated as Spiritual Emphasis Week. Chapel services are held every day with different speakers and guest worship leaders every day.  

If you would like to speak in Secondary Chapel, please contact our chaplain, Rick Daugherty.

Faith Christian School seeks to develop students who have a love for God and who serve one another. Step into any chapel service on either campus and you will see this happening right before your eyes - Faith Christian students rockin’ the worship!