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Faculty and Staff

  Name Title Group
Michelle Baker Baker, Michelle Donations Manager Elementary, Secondary
Pamela Belza Belza, Pamela Teacher Elementary
Michael Childers Childers, Michael Systems Administrator Elementary, Secondary
Faith Christian School Christian School, Faith Elementary, Secondary
Bill Craig Craig, Bill Teacher Elementary
Floyd Crist Crist, Floyd Custodial Secondary
Rick Daugherty Daugherty, Rick Teacher Secondary
Crystal DeMeritt DeMeritt, Crystal Teacher Secondary
Joy Elliott Elliott, Joy Bookkeeper Secondary
Jennifer Evans Evans, Jennifer Instructional Aide Elementary
Steve Finlay Finlay, Steve Teacher Secondary
Kathy Garbutt Garbutt, Kathy Instructional Aide Elementary
Susan Gledhill Gledhill, Susan Instructional Aide Elementary
Lonny Gorton Gorton, Lonny Teacher Elementary
Randi Haeberle Haeberle, Randi Day Care Supervisior Elementary
Lance Haliday Haliday, Lance JH/HS Principal Secondary
Bill Hannold Hannold, Bill Superintendent Elementary
Debbie Jewell Jewell, Debbie Secretary Elementary
Christi Johns Johns, Christi Counselor Secondary
DJ Johns Johns, DJ Athletic Director Secondary
Myranda Jordan Jordan, Myranda Instructional Aide, PE Instructor Elementary
Roger Jose Jose, Roger Teacher Elementary
Myung Marin Marin, Myung Instructional Aide Elementary
Sallee McCleskey McCleskey, Sallee Marketing and Communications Consultant Elementary, Secondary
John McNeely McNeely, John Instructor Secondary
Madelyn Mertes Mertes, Madelyn
Amanda Meyer Meyer, Amanda Director of Advancement
Sheree Morrison Morrison, Sheree Teacher Elementary
William Norris Norris, William Facilities Supervisor Secondary
Brandi Pond Pond, Brandi Counselor/Teacher Secondary
Cindy Reimers Reimers, Cindy Secretary Secondary
Steffany Ritchie Ritchie, Steffany Teacher Secondary
Sheryl Seino Seino, Sheryl Instructional Aide Elementary
Shawna Smith Smith, Shawna Teacher Elementary
Randal Sneed Sneed, Randal Teacher Secondary
Diane Surita Surita, Diane Teacher Elementary
Laurie Swann Swann, Laurie Teacher Elementary
Deanna Tonn Tonn, Deanna Teacher Elementary, Secondary
Angela Warta Warta, Angela Instructional Aide Elementary
Dan Wickline Wickline, Dan Teacher Secondary