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Student Council

High School Student Council

The Student Council is charged with planning student activities and providing leadership during chapel services.  To run for a Student Council position, all candidates must meet qualifications that range from teacher evaluations on conduct, Christian testimony, minimum GPA, and regular involvement in local church to willingness to attend all Student Council meetings, parental permission and submission of a campaign speech. Once elected, members plan, implement and participate in social activities, retreats and ministry activities for all students. They strive to bring unity to the school and promote Christian respect for authority, operate the student store (snack bar), and actively participate in chapel.


Presides over the Council and represents the school in the community.

Vice President

Assists the president in the completion of his or her duties and acts as the leader in his or her absence.

Student Chaplain

Serves the student body in planning and coordinating chapels, guest speakers, music and announcements.


Promotes and reports on student council activities and properly record minutes of all meetings.


Oversees the operation of the school store, handles all money for the Council and keeps financial records.

Rally Commissioner

Plans and implements rallies and spirit day and assists with promoting all student activities.