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Lunch and Snack Sales

The children at Faith Christian School bring their lunches and drinks to school.  The following options are also available:

Lunch Sales

Lunch Tickets are $2.50 each or sold in a Strip of 5 for $12.50

Lunch sales are a fundraiser each year and families have the opportunity to help with the lunch deliveries.  Funds raised go to help with needs on the elementary campus.

Weekly Menu

Please note: Lunches must be purchased before 8:25 am to allow students to be ready to start class by 8:30 am.

Lunch items will be delivered to each child's classroom by the volunteer helper.

Snack Sales

Snacks and Drinks are 75¢ each.  Snack Cards may be purchased for a student have "on file" for $15.00 which will total 20 snacks or drinks.  You may request any parameters you choose on the use of your child's snack card such as: "one snack a day" or "only at lunch time" etc.  Siblings may share a snack card.

Snack Bar Hours:  (located in the daycare room)
Before 8:30 am
11:40 - 12:15 during lunch break
After school


Snacks offered: beef jerkey, pretzels, chips, crackers, gogurts, pudding, string cheese, fruit cups, bottled water, juice box, cookies, popsicles